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Functional Characterization of an α‑Esterase Gene Associated with Malathion Detoxification in Bradysia odoriphaga

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posted on 19.05.2020, 09:03 authored by Bowen Tang, Wu Dai, Lijun Qi, Shaokai Du, Chunni Zhang
Carboxylesterases (CarEs) are a multigene superfamily of metabolic enzymes involved in metabolic detoxification of xenobiotics. In this study, an α-esterase gene (BoαE1) was identified from Bradysia odoriphaga. Phylogenetic analysis classified BoαE1 into the α-esterase clade. Developmental expression analysis indicated that BoαE1 was significantly expressed in the second to fourth larval stages. Tissue-specific expression analysis indicated that BoαE1 was highly expressed in the larval midgut. After exposure to LC30 of malathion, the CarE activity of B. odoriphaga was induced and the transcriptional level of BoαE1 was significantly up-regulated. Silencing of BoαE1 significantly increased the susceptibility of B. odoriphaga larvae to malathion. Inhibition assays in vitro indicated that malathion significantly inhibited BoαE1 activity. GC-MS assay showed that BoαE1 possesses hydrolase activity toward malathion and participates in the detoxification of malathion. These results strongly suggest that BoαE1 plays a crucial role in detoxification of malathion in B. odoriphaga.