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Full-Dimensional Theory of Pair-Correlated HNCO Photofragmentation

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posted on 12.05.2017, 00:00 by L. Bonnet, R. Linguerri, M. Hochlaf, O. Yazidi, P. Halvick, J. S. Francisco
Full-dimensional semiclassical dynamical calculations combining classical paths and Bohr quantization of product internal motions are reported for the prototype photofragmentation of isocyanic acid in the S1 state. These calculations allow one to closely reproduce for the first time key features of state-of-the-art imaging measurements at photolysis wavelengths of 201 and 210 nm while providing insight into the underlying dissociation mechanism. Quantum scattering calculations being beyond reach for most polyatomic fissions, pair-correlated data on these processes are much more often measured than predicted. Our theoretical approach can be used to fill this gap.