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From Semi- to Full-Two-Dimensional Conjugated Side-Chain Design: A Way toward Comprehensive Solar Energy Absorption

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posted on 08.12.2017, 00:00 by Pengjie Chao, Huan Wang, Shiwei Qu, Daize Mo, Hong Meng, Wei Chen, Feng He
Two polymers with fully two-dimensional (2D) conjugated side chains, 2D-PTB-Th and 2D-PTB-TTh, were synthesized and characterized through simultaneously integrating the 2D-TT and the 2D-BDT monomers onto the polymer backbone. Resulting from the synergistic effect from the conjugated side chains on both monomers, the two polymers showed remarkably efficient absorption of the sunlight and improved π–π intermolecular interactions for efficient charge carrier transport. The optimized bulk heterojunction device based on 2D-PTB-Th and PC71BM shows a higher PCE of 9.13% compared to PTB7-Th with a PCE of 8.26%, which corresponds to an approximately 10% improvement in solar energy conversion. The fully 2D-conjugated side-chain concept reported here developed a new molecular design strategy for polymer materials with enhanced sunlight absorption and efficient solar energy conversion.