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Freestanding Cathode Electrode Design for High-Performance Sodium Dual-Ion Battery

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posted on 2017-10-17, 00:00 authored by Hsiang-Ju Liao, Yu-Mei Chen, Yu-Ting Kao, Ji-Yao An, Ying-Huang Lai, Di-Yan Wang
In this work, both advantages of sodium-ion batteries and dual-ion batteries have been combined in an innovated sodium-ion-based dual-ion battery (SDI) system using a Na metal film as anode and a freestanding meso-carbon microbead film (FS-MCMB) as cathode. FS-MCMB in SDI battery exhibited a superior working performance with the specific capacity of 83.6 mAh/g and a remarkable long-term stability over 300 cycles. The SDI battery with FS-MCMB exhibited an advantage of high mass density loading in the range of 2–7.5 mg cm–2, which was equal to a comparable capacity of 78–83 mAh/g. The electrochemical impedance analysis indicated that FS-MCMB provided a superior permeability, resulting in facilitating electrolyte infiltration into MCMB structure. In-situ XRD and ex-situ Raman spectroscopy were utilized to characterize the intercalating/deintercalating process of PF6 anions into/out of MCMB during charging/discharging processes. Finally, theoretical calculations further confirmed the structural arrangement of PF6 anions in the graphite layers.