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Formation of an Anionic Titanium(IV) Sulfido Dimer, {Na2[CpTi(μ-S)(S)]2·4THF}2, by Elimination of CpH and H2 from Cp2Ti(SH)2 upon Deprotonation with NaH

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posted on 20.08.1996, 00:00 by Penelope J. Lundmark, Gregory J. Kubas, Brian L. Scott
A deprotonation reaction of Cp2Ti(SH)2 with NaH in THF yields {Na2[CpTi(μ-S)(S)]2·4THF}2, generated by unexpected elimination of CpH. This anionic dimer is unique in that it is the first organometallic titanium species containing terminal sulfido ligands. The latter are stabilized by interactions with THF-solvated sodium cations, thus imposing a syn TiS configuration.