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Formation of a Bridging-Imido d6 Rhodium Compound by Nitrene Capture. Insertion and Cycloaddition Reactions

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posted on 2008-11-17, 00:00 authored by Cristina Tejel, Miguel A. Ciriano, Sonia Jiménez, Vincenzo Passarelli, José A. López
The first d6 rhodium imido complex, [{(C5Me5)Rh(μ-NSO2C6H4Me-p)}2] (2), has been obtained from the reaction of [(C5Me5)Rh(C2H4)2] with chloramine-T. Carbon monoxide inserts into the N−Rh bonds in 2 to give the dinuclear ureylene complex [(C5Me5)Rh(μ-{(Ts)N-CO-N(Ts)}Rh(CO)(C5Me5)], while the azide C6F5N3 adds to 2 to give the mononuclear tetrazene complex [(C5Me5)Rh{(p-MeC6H4SO2)N4(C6F5)}].