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Formation of Giant Lipid Vesicle Containing Dual Functions Facilitates Outer Membrane Phospholipase

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posted on 14.07.2021, 12:05 by Seren Ohnishi, Koki Kamiya
Giant lipid vesicles are used to study artificial cell models, as well as the encapsulation of biomolecules, and the reconstitution of membrane proteins on these vesicles. Recently, complex reactions in giant vesicles have been controlled by reconstituting numerous kinds of biomolecules. However, it is challenging to generate giant lipid vesicles containing a diverse set of proteins at concentrations sufficient to ensure proper functioning. Here, we describe an artificial cell model showing dual functions of small molecule transportation and small vesicle budding, using a dual functional membrane protein (transportation and phosphatase activity) called the outer membrane phospholipase (OmpLA). To the best of our knowledge, we have revealed for the first time the transportation of ions or small molecules through OmpLA on the charged lipid bilayer. The lipid composition controlled the orientation of OmpLA through proteinase K digestion. Finally, OmpLA enzyme activity of phospholipid hydrolysis caused the budding of small vesicles.