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Formation of Charge-Transfer Complexes from Neutral Bis(porphyrin) Sandwiches

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posted on 2000-03-24, 00:00 authored by James P. Collman, Jonathan L. Kendall, Judy L. Chen, K. A. Collins, Jean-Claude Marchon
Lanthanide(III) bis(porphyrin) sandwich complexes of octaethyltetraazaporphyrin (OETAP) were synthesized and characterized by UV−vis, IR, and NMR spectroscopies. Cyclic voltammetry results indicate that these neutral sandwich complexes are very easily reduced. Charge-transfer reactions were performed in solution with Ln(OETAP)2 sandwiches and zirconium(IV) bis(porphyrin) sandwiches. The lanthanide sandwiches partially oxidize the zirconium sandwiches in solution, and a solvent dependence of the charge-transfer reaction was observed. The solid-state properties of these charge-transfer materials were also studied. Magnetic susceptibility results suggest weak intermolecular interactions between the sandwiches. The conductivities of the charge-transfer species are greatly improved relative to those of the insulating undoped sandwiches, but the conductivities are in the lower semiconducting region. The low conductivity values are thought to be due to poor intermolecular overlap.