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Fluorescence Sensor Array for Discrimination of Urine Proteins and Differentiation Diagnosis of Urinary System Diseases

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posted on 2020-08-18, 14:37 authored by Yishun Shen, Yuanfang Huang, Pangmiaomiao Zhang, Baochun Guo, Hongtao Jiang, Chunyan Tan, Yuyang Jiang
Successful discrimination of complex biological samples by sensor array remains a challenging problem. Herein, a three-unit fluorescence sensor array was fabricated using fluorescent molecules, which interact with proteins and generate rich response signals, to realize the discrimination of urinary proteins. As a proof of concept, six urinary proteins were selected as analytes. Results showed 100% accuracy in differentiation and quantitative discrimination of every single protein and their complex mixtures. Moreover, protein profiles of urine samples from healthy people and patients with different urinary diseases, including tubular injury (TI), diabetic nephropathy (DN), and nephropathy (Nep), were well distinguished.