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Fluorenylidene-Functionalized Lithium Phosphonium Di- and Triylides

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journal contribution
posted on 23.03.2015, 00:00 by Fabian G. Schröder, Jörg Sundermeyer
The 9-fluorenylidene phosphorane Me3PFlu (2) is easily accessible by deprotonation of [Me3P+–FluH]­Br (1). Its selective deprotonation in diethyl ether yielded the phosphonium di- and triylides [(Et2O)­Li­{CH2–PMe2–Flu}]2 (3) and [(Et2O)­Li2{(CH2)2PMe–Flu}]2 (4), respectively. Both complexes crystallize as dimers, exhibiting bridging ylidic methylene fragments. Moreover, the fluorenylidene moieties also act as soft ligands in the vicinity of lithium.