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Flow-Assisted 2D Polymorph Selection: Stabilizing Metastable Monolayers at the Liquid–Solid Interface

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posted on 2014-05-28, 00:00 authored by Shern-Long Lee, Zhongyi Yuan, Long Chen, Kunal S. Mali, Klaus Müllen, Steven De Feyter
Controlling crystal polymorphism constitutes a formidable challenge in contemporary chemistry. Two-dimensional (2D) crystals often provide model systems to decipher the complications in 3D crystals. In this contribution, we explore a unique way of governing 2D polymorphism at the organic liquid–solid interface. We demonstrate that a directional solvent flow could be used to stabilize crystalline monolayers of a metastable polymorph. Furthermore, flow fields active within the applied flow generate millimeter-sized domains of either polymorph in a controlled and reproducible fashion.