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Flexible CoFeB/Silk Films for Biocompatible RF/Microwave Applications

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posted on 03.11.2020, 18:04 by Qi Zhang, Bin Peng, Yanan Zhao, Chunlei Li, Shukai Zhu, Keqing Shi, Ziyao Zhou, Xiaohui Zhang, Ming Liu, Jingye Pan
Aiming to realize the integration of signal processing with the human body, wearable and implantable radio frequency (RF)/microwave devices are rapidly developed. However, the insufficiency in skin commonality and biocompatibility brings up challenges in making such devices. In this study, an ultra-flexible and biocompatible CoFeB/silk film is developed potentially for on-skin and implantable RF/microwave applications. Moreover, the CoFeB/silk films present controllable dissolvability in aqueous solutions and exhibit great potentials in applications for environmentally friendly disposable devices. A strain-tunable bandstop filter based on the CoFeB/silk film was fabricated, which exhibited a large frequency tunability of 3 GHz and ability in monitoring the finger-joints’ motions. This concept and method of combining ferromagnetic materials with the biocompatible substrate offers a novel pathway for wearable/implantable applications.