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First Preparation of Biotinylated Gradient Polyethylene Surface to Bind Photoactive Caged Streptavidin

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posted on 26.04.2005, 00:00 by Moon Suk Kim, Kwang Su Seo, Gilson Khang, Hai Bang Lee
A gradient polyethylene (PE) surface was created through corona treatment, in which the corona power increased along the 5 cm length of the PE. The gradient surface was treated with polyethyleneimine and then biotin. Fluorescein-conjugated streptavidin (SAV) caged within 5-carboxymethoxy-2-nitrobenzyl (CMNB) adsorbed onto the biotinylated gradient PE surface following molecular recognition principles. Photoirradiation decomposed the CMNB cage and allowed the fluorescein-conjugated SAV to fluoresce, the intensity of which increased gradually along the PE surface.