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First Metal Azide Complex with Isonicotinate as a Bridging Ligand Showing New Net Topology:  Hydrothermal Synthesis, Structure, and Magnetic Properties

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posted on 2006-04-03, 00:00 authored by Fu-Chen Liu, Yong-Fei Zeng, Jiao, Xian-He Bu, Joan Ribas, Stuart R. Batten
A new 3D azido-bridged coordination polymer, [Co1.5(N3)(OH)(Isonic)]n (1), has been synthesized and characterized and its magnetic properties studied. Isonicotinate acts as a bridging coligand in this complex. In 1, all of the ligands take tridentate bridging coordination modes, and the overall structure of 1 exhibits a new 3,6-connected net topology.