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First Example of a Nonanuclear Silver Sulfate Hybrid Cluster: Green Approach for Synthesis of Lewis Acid Catalyst

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posted on 24.10.2018, 00:00 by Avijit Kumar Paul, Kumari Naveen, Nikhil Kumar, Rajendiran Kanagaraj, V. M. Vidya, Tanmay Rom
Finding a high nuclearity hybrid framework with novel structure and properties by an environmentally benign approach is a really challenging task. Herein, a green strategy for synthesis of a new inorganic–organic hybrid framework solid has been described. The framework contains silver sulfate clusters with nine different silver ions with shortest silver–silver connectivity. The present compound is the first example of nonanuclear silver sulfate hybrid framework with a new topology. The hybrid solid compound shows a highly active Lewis acidic nature for the various heterogeneous catalytic reactions such as cyanosilylation, ketalization, and esterification with quantitative transformation and recyclability.