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Fine Customization of Calcium Phosphate Nanostructures with Site-Specific Modification by DNA Templated Mineralization

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posted on 29.12.2020, 16:13 by Shanshan Wu, Meizhou Zhang, Jie Song, Stefan Weber, Xiaoguo Liu, Chunhai Fan, Yuzhou Wu
Calcium phosphate (Ca–P) is the most abundant biomineral in hard tissues with diverse microstructures, which in nature ensure a broad range of functionalities with virtually similar and simple chemical compositions. Artificial fabrication of rationally designed Ca–P materials with arbitrary microstructures is a long-standing challenge for inorganic chemists. Although DNA nanotechnology has been elegantly used to modulate the nanofabrication of inorganic materials because of its programmability, encoding customized Ca–P mineralization with high structural precision remains unachievable because of fast affinity-driven crystal growth. Herein, this long-standing ambition has been skillfully fulfilled by taking advantage of crystallization via a particle attachment (CPA) process. The derived hybrid materials not only well inherited the structural details encoded by the DNA template but also exhibited significantly enhanced mechanical strength, even after heating. Moreover, this method preserved preinstalled synthetic functionalities on the DNA surface, allowing for downstream site-specific modification.