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Ferromagnetic Interactions in an Unusual 2D Coordination Polymer Including Di-2-pyridylketone-Methoxilated Anion, (1,1)-Azide, and Rare (1,1,3,3)-Azide Bridging Ligands

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posted on 2011-05-04, 00:00 authored by Noelia De la Pinta, Zurine Serna, Gotzon Madariaga, M. Karmele Urtiaga, M. Luz Fidalgo, Roberto Cortés
The compound [Cu4(dpk·OCH3)2(N3)6]n [dpk = di-2-pyridylketone] consists of tetranuclear units that repeat in two dimensions. Predominant ferromagnetic interactions are in good agreement with the crystal structure, showing alternating Cu2(1,1)-azide2 and Cu2 (1,1)-azide-oxo bridging units. Rare (1,1,3,3)-azide bridges promote the two-dimensionality and cause the low temperature antiferromagnetism.