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Ferroelectric Field Effect Induced Charge Carrier Transport Modulation at Quantum Dot Solar Cell Heterojunction Interface

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posted on 2021-10-20, 20:16 authored by Yuljae Cho, Bo Hou, Paul Giraud, Sangyeon Pak, SeungNam Cha
Inherent unidealistic properties associated with materials and device structures inevitably limit the performance of photovoltaic devices. To overcome the inherent limit, judicious use of ferroelectric materials has been introduced. Here, we demonstrate modulations of charge carrier transport at the heterojunction interface with respect to polarities of electric dipoles. Attributed to an additional electric field by the ferroelectric effect, a built-in potential at the junction increases, leading to enhanced charge carrier transport, reduced charge recombination, and, consequently, enhanced power conversion efficiency of lead sulfide quantum dot solar cells. The coupling of the ferroelectric effect with the solar cell provides an important platform to further develop solution-processable flat panel solar cell technology.