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Fe(OTf)3- and γ‑Cyclodextrin-Catalyzed Hydroamination of Alkenes with Carbazoles

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posted on 2020-12-23, 21:44 authored by En-Kai Xiao, Xian-Tao Wu, Feng Ma, Xiaohua Feng, Peng Chen, Yi-Jun Jiang
A Fe­(OTf)3- and γ-cyclodextrin catalyzed hydroamination of alkenes with carbazoles is demonstrated. This biomimetic-catalyst-oriented sustainable and green method could deliver a wide scope of N-alkylated carbazoles and N-alkylated-carbazole-fused aromatics in up to 97% yield. The salient features of this transformation include simple and benign reaction conditions with no need for a strong base, additive, or the irradiation of light.