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Fe-Catalyzed Direct Dithioacetalization of Aldehydes with 2‑Chloro-1,3-dithiane

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journal contribution
posted on 05.09.2014, 00:00 by Junshan Lai, Wenbin Du, Lixia Tian, Changgui Zhao, Xuegong She, Shouchu Tang
Present methods to synthesize 1,3-dithiane molecules require either harsh reaction conditions or highly specialized reagents. We have developed a catalytic dithioacetalization process that directly gains access to the corresponding 1,3-dithianes using aldehydes and 2-chloro-1,3-dithiane in a highly efficient manner. This methodology is beneficial due to mildness of the reaction conditions, and the dithioacetaliation process results in good to excellent yields by using 15 mol % of an iron catalyst.