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Fast and Efficient Water Absorption Material Inspired by Cactus Root

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journal contribution
posted on 09.03.2018, 18:15 by Hyejeong Kim, Junho Kim, Sang Joon Lee
Analogous to the morphological and functional features of cactus root, a novel cactus root-inspired material (CRIM) was fabricated by integrating cellulose fibers, microparticles, and agarose-based cryogels. Without undergoing sophisticated chemical synthesis or surface modification, the CRIM exhibited efficient water absorption and retention ability with high structural stability. 82% of the total water absorption capacity was recovered within 1 min, with a swelling rate nearly 930-fold faster than the evaporation rate, while only about 17% of the length extension occurred. Given that efficient water absorption and storage without physical change is crucial to the design and fabrication of water management devices, the CRIM is a promising material for various applications, including cosmetics or healthcare products, functional fabrics, and drug delivery devices.