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Facile Synthesis of Rh Anchored Uniform Spherical COF for One-Pot Tandem Reductive Amination of Aldehydes to Secondary Imines

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posted on 19.05.2021, 13:34 by Nan Wang, Jianguo Liu, Long Tang, Xiuzhi Wei, Chenguang Wang, Xinjun Li, Longlong Ma
The development of transition metal-based heterogeneous catalysts for economical and efficient synthesis of secondary imines remains both desirable and challenging. Herein, for the first time, we present two kinds of Rh nanoparticle anchored uniform spherical COF heterogeneous catalysts with well-defined crystalline structures for the effective one-pot tandem reductive amination of aldehydes on a gram scale. This reaction is carried out using ammonia as a nitrogen source and hydrogen gas as the source of hydrogen, which is not only an atom-economical but also an environmentally friendly process for the selective production of secondary imines. In particular, in the presence of the better-designed Rh nanoparticles anchored COF2 catalyst, the starting material aldehydes could be fully converted (99% conversion), and 95% selectivity of N-benzylidene­(phenyl)­methanamine is obtained under mild reaction conditions (2 MPa of H2 and 90 °C). Additionally, the Rh/COF2 catalyst is also applied to a variety of substituted aromatic aldehyde compounds, manifesting good yields in corresponding secondary imines. This work not only expands the COF family but also offers economical and effective access to acquire various aromatic amine targets, especially secondary imines.