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Facile Synthesis of NiCo2–xFexO4 Nanotubes/Carbon Textiles Composites for High-Performance Electrochemical Energy Storage Devices

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posted on 23.01.2018, 00:00 by Zhaohui Liu, Longqiang Wang, Y. Frank Cheng, Xiangyang Cheng, Bo Lin, Longfei Yue, Shougang Chen
The use of advanced pseudocapacitive electrode for improved energy density of supercapacitors has been given much attention recently. Herein, we develop a promising electrode architecture that contains carbon textiles uniformly covered with NiCo2–xFexO4 nanotubes, which are directly used as electrode materials in energy storage devices through a simple and feasible two-step method, and then a short period of post annealing treatment was adopted. The prepared NiCo2–xFexO4 nanotubes/carbon textiles composite electrode possesses a high specific capacitance of 2057 F g–1 when the discharging current is 1 A g–1 and a superior long-life stability with 90.32% retention of specific capacitance after 3000 cycles. The increased capacitive property is ascribed to the increased specific surface area, the vacancy formation, and the unique nanotube structure.