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Facile Synthesis of Highly Congested 1,2-Diphosphinobenzenes from Bis(phosphine)boronium Salts

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posted on 21.12.2006, 00:00 by Yoshikazu Yamamoto, Toru Koizumi, Kosuke Katagiri, Yui Furuya, Hiroshi Danjo, Tsuneo Imamoto, Kentaro Yamaguchi
Bis(phosphine)boronium salts 3ac were designed and prepared as key building blocks for the synthesis of highly congested diphosphinobenzenes. The preparation of sterically hindered ortho-phenylene-bridged diphosphines 1ac was achieved by the reaction of the bis(phosphine)boronium salts 3ac with difluorobenzenechromium complex 2 and subsequent removal of the BH2 group. The steric nature of diphosphine 1a was revealed in single-crystal X-ray analysis of its Rh complex.