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Facile One-Step Synthesis of Three-Dimensional Pd–Ag Bimetallic Alloy Networks and Their Electrocatalytic Activity toward Ethanol Oxidation

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posted on 2015-07-01, 00:00 authored by Shaofang Fu, Chengzhou Zhu, Dan Du, Yuehe Lin
The three-dimensional palladium networks and palladium–silver bimetallic alloy networks were synthesized at room temperature on a large scale using a rapid and simple strategy. The results revealed that the morphology of the networks is not affected by the composition. We demonstrated that the as-prepared unsupported networks exhibited excellent electrochemical activity and stability toward ethanol oxidation reaction in alkaline media due to the formation of palladium–silver alloys as well as the porous nanostructures. The results indicate that the well-defined three-dimensional palladium–silver bimetallic alloy networks are promising catalysts for fuel cells.