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Facile Method for Fabricating Flexible Substrates with Embedded, Printed Silver Lines

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journal contribution
posted on 22.01.2014, 00:00 by Ankit Mahajan, Lorraine F. Francis, C. Daniel Frisbie
Insertion, curing and delamination is presented as a simple and scalable method for creating flexible substrates with embedded, printed silver lines. In a sequential process, aerosol-jet printed silver lines are transferred from a donor substrate to a thin reactive polymer that is directly adhered to a flexible substrate. Due to the unique ability of the aerosol jet to print continuous lines on a low energy surface, a 100% transfer of the printed electrodes is obtained, as confirmed by electrical measurements. Moreover, the root-mean-square roughness of the embedded electrodes is less than 10 nm, which is much lower than that for their as-printed form. The embedded electrodes are robust and do not show a significant degradation in electrical performance after thousands of bending cycles.