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Facile Fabrication of Composite Ag/Fe3O4 and Porous Fe3O4 Nanorods Based on Oblique Angle Codeposition

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posted on 24.05.2021, 21:04 authored by Weijie Huang, Xibo Li, Bin Ai, Yiping Zhao
Composite Ag/Fe3O4 and porous Fe3O4 nanorods with controlled shape, size, composition, and porosity were fabricated by oblique angle codeposition as well as subsequent annealing and chemical etching. The codeposition supplies a way to evaporate two materials simultaneously to form composites, which would lead to a greater variety of nanorods. The composite Ag/Fe3O4 and porous Fe3O4 nanorods showed ferromagnetism, tunable optical properties, and strong carrier capability, which are believed to benefit the applications of biosensing, bioimaging, catalysis, targeted drug delivery, and therapeutic agent.