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Facile Conversion of an Appended Silylamido to a Silyloxy Ligand via Isocyanate Elimination. Synthesis of {[(C5Me4)SiMe2O]Zr(η2-O2CMe)(μ-O2CMe)}2 via the Carboxylation of [(C5Me4)SiMe2(N-t-Bu)]ZrMe2

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posted on 09.01.1996, 00:00 by Lioba Kloppenburg, Jeffrey L. Petersen
The reaction of 2 equiv of CO2 with [(C5Me4)SiMe2(N-t-Bu)]ZrMe2 proceeds with the formation of {[(C5Me4)SiMe2(N-t-Bu)]Zr(η2-O2CMe)(μ-O2CMe)}2 (2), which reacts with additional CO2 to afford {[(C5Me4)SiMe2O]Zr(η2-O2CMe)(μ-O2CMe)}2 (3) with the concomitant elimination of OCN-t-Bu. The formation of OCN-t-Bu was confirmed by a combination of GC/MS and IR measurements; the molecular structures of 2 and 3 were determined by X-ray crystallography.