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Fabrication of Uniform Magnetic Nanocomposite Spheres with a Magnetic Core/Mesoporous Silica Shell Structure

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posted on 29.06.2005, 00:00 by Wenru Zhao, Jinlou Gu, Lingxia Zhang, Hangrong Chen, Jianlin Shi
A novel kind of magnetic core/mesoporous silica shell nanospheres with a uniform particle diameter of ca. 270 nm was synthesized. The inner magnetic core endues the whole nanoparticle with magnetic properties, while the outer mesoporous silica shell shows high enough surface area and pore volume. The synthesized material is expected to be applied to targeted drug delivery and multiphase separation. The storage and release of ibuprofen into and from the pore channels of the mesoporous silica shell, as a typical example, are demonstrated.