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Fabrication of Single-Hole Glutathione-Responsive Degradable Hollow Silica Nanoparticles for Drug Delivery

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posted on 13.08.2014, 00:00 by Dongdong Wang, Zhigang Xu, Zhenjie Chen, Xiaoyan Liu, Cuilan Hou, Xiaoyu Zhang, Haixia Zhang
In the present study, a kind of single-hole glutathione (GSH)-responsive degradable hollow silica nanoparticles (G-DHSNs) was synthesized and used as carriers of doxorubicin (DOX) (DOX-G-DHSNs). The G-DHSNs were accurately designed and fabricated with a simple and convenient method, and without any extra pernicious component. The composition, morphology and properties of the G-DHSNs had been characterized by 1HNMR spectra, Fourier transform infrared spectrograph, thermo gravimetric analysis, transmission electron microscope, and scanning electron microscope. The degradation study of G-DHSNs showed that the G-DHSNs would be broken into pieces after interacting with GSH. Besides, the negligible hemolytic activity and low cytotoxicity of the G-DHSNs demonstrated its excellent biocompatibility. pH- and GSH-triggered release of DOX followed by the decomposition of G-DHSNs within TCA8113 cancer cells was further confirmed by flow cytometry and confocal laser scanning microscopy studies. All of these results indicated that G-DHSNs can be used as safe and promising drug nanocarriers.