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Fabrication of Oleogels via a Facile Method by Oil Absorption in the Aerogel Templates of Protein–Polysaccharide Conjugates

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posted on 28.01.2020, 20:42 by Kailun Chen, Hui Zhang
In this study, a novel and facile method was developed to fabricate oleogels. The alginate/soy protein conjugates with excellent emulsifying activity and emulsion stability were prepared via Maillard reaction and freeze-dried to form the aerogel templates, which were then immersed in corn oil within 6 h to induce the oleogels. Compared with the alginate and soy protein solutions, the viscosity and elastic modulus G′ of the conjugate solutions increased, indicating the formation of a new macromolecule and strengthened gel network from Maillard reaction. The conjugate aerogels presented the morphology of serious aggregation and conglutination but the higher elastic modulus and better thermal stability, due to the increasing covalent interactions. These aerogel templates showed a good oil absorption of up to 10.89 g/g aerogel and holding capacity of 40%. The resulting oleogels loaded with thymol showed excellent antimicrobial activities against Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli. This work suggests that the fabrication of oleogels is not limited to the choice of existing oleogelators but from a wide variety of protein–polysaccharide conjugates to form the aerogel templates for oil absorption.