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Exploiting the p‑Bromodienone Route for the Formation and Trapping of Calixarene Oxenium Cations with Enamine Nucleophiles

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posted on 09.05.2018, 00:00 by Annunziata Soriente, Margherita De Rosa, Pellegrino La Manna, Carmen Talotta, Carmine Gaeta, Aldo Spinella, Placido Neri
This study shows that calixarene p-bromodienone derivatives can act as precursors for the formation of oxenium cations, which can be trapped with enamine C-nucleophiles. When calixarene p-bromodienones were treated with enamines, in the presence of AgClO4, the lower rim-substituted C–O–C products were obtained by an electrophilic attack of the intermediate calixarene-oxenium cation with a contemporary cone-to-partial-cone inversion of the involved aromatic ring.