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Evaluation of the History of Safe Use of the Maize ZMM28 Protein

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posted on 11.06.2019, 00:00 by Jennifer A. Anderson, Sarah Brustkern, Bin Cong, Lora Deege, Bryan Delaney, Bonnie Hong, Shai Lawit, Carey Mathesius, Jean Schmidt, Jingrui Wu, John Zhang, Cindi Zimmermann
The ZMM28 protein encoded by the zmm28 gene is endogenous to maize. DP202216 maize was genetically modified to increase and extend expression of the zmm28 gene relative to native zmm28 gene expression, resulting in plants with enhanced grain yield potential. Evaluation of the history of safe use (HOSU) is one component of the safety assessment framework for a newly expressed protein in a GM crop. The deduced amino acid sequence of the introduced ZMM28 protein in DP202216 maize is identical to the ZMM28 protein in nonmodified conventional maize. The ZMM28 protein has also been found in selected varieties of sweet corn kernels, and closely related proteins are found in other commonly consumed food crops. Concentrations of the ZMM28 protein in event DP202216 maize, conventional maize, and sweet corn are reported. This information supports, in part, the evaluation of HOSU, which can be leveraged in the safety assessment of the ZMM28 protein. Additional studies will be considered in the food and feed safety assessment of the DP202216 maize event.