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Evaluation of pH at Charged Lipid/Water Interfaces by Heterodyne-Detected Electronic Sum Frequency Generation

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posted on 17.12.2015, 00:41 by Achintya Kundu, Shoichi Yamaguchi, Tahei Tahara
Although the interface pH at a biological membrane is important for biological processes at the membrane, there has been no systematic study to evaluate it. We apply novel interface-selective nonlinear spectroscopy to the evaluation of the pH at model biological membranes (lipid/water interfaces). It is clearly shown that the pH at the charged lipid/water interfaces is substantially deviated from the bulk pH. The pH at the lipid/water interface is higher than that in the bulk when the head group of the lipid is positively charged, whereas the pH at the lipid/water interface is lower when the lipid has a negatively charged head group.