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Europium-Functionalized Flexible Luminescent Zeolite-like Supramolecular Assembly for Ratiometric Anthrax Biomarker Determination

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posted on 2019-09-20, 19:37 authored by Kai Xing, Ruiqing Fan, Shuang Gai, Xubin Zheng, Ping Wang, Yulin Yang
Anthrax spores have been a determining risk to human beings and animals across the world. As such, the qualitative monitoring toward dipicolinic acid (DPA), the unique biomarker of bacillus anthracis, is highly desired and being moved forward in health management. Herein, a breathing zeolite-like supramolecular assembly (ZSA), with the sra topology and 1D hexagon channel, is designed by controlling the bridging angle of the ditopic ligand after systematic analysis in topology. The solvent-dependent dynamic behavior is illustrated by powder X-ray diffraction and reflected in tunable luminescent emission based on solvent polarity parameters. According to the structural result and theoretical analysis, Eu3+ is anchored within the framework to form a ratiometric luminescent sensor successfully because of the abundant potential active site. After DPA addition, the resulting composite shows a sensitive and selective response in the linear range of 0–7.0 μM stemmed from absorbance energy-transfer emission and preferential coordination. The work we presented here may enrich the sensing platforms containing lanthanides and expand the potential application of ZSAs in clinical analysis.