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Erythronolides H and I, New Erythromycin Congeners from a New Halophilic Actinomycete Actinopolyspora sp. YIM90600

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posted on 19.03.2009, 00:00 by Sheng-Xiong Huang, Li-Xing Zhao, Shu-Kun Tang, Cheng-Lin Jiang, Yanwen Duan, Ben Shen
Erythronolides H and I, novel congeners of the clinically important antibacterial drug erythromycin A, have been isolated from the new halophilic actinomycete Actinopolyspora sp. YIM90600. In addition to producing the new erythromycin congeners, A. sp. YIM90600 produces erythromycin C in a high titer. The presence of the C-14 hydroxyl moiety and the C-6/C-18-epoxide in erythronolide H and the spiroketal moiety of erythronolide I sheds new insights into structural diversity of erythromycin analog libraries potentially accessible by combinatorial biosynthesis.