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Epitaxial Growth of Room-Temperature Ferromagnetic MnAs Segments on GaAs Nanowires via Sequential Crystallization

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posted on 2016-02-04, 16:26 authored by Joachim Hubmann, Benedikt Bauer, Helmut S. Körner, Stephan Furthmeier, Martin Buchner, Günther Bayreuther, Florian Dirnberger, Dieter Schuh, Christian H. Back, Josef Zweck, Elisabeth Reiger, Dominique Bougeard
We investigate the incorporation of manganese into self-catalyzed GaAs nanowires grown in molecular beam epitaxy. Our study reveals that Mn accumulates in the liquid Ga droplet and that no significant incorporation into the nanowire is observed. Using a sequential crystallization of the droplet, we then demonstrate a deterministic and epitaxial growth of MnAs segments at the nanowire tip. This technique may allow the seamless integration of multiple room-temperature ferromagnetic segments into GaAs nanowires with high-crystalline quality.