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Eosin Y‑Embedded Zirconium-Based Metal–Organic Framework as a Dual-Emitting Built-In Self-Calibrating Platform for Pesticide Detection

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posted on 2020-03-27, 18:09 authored by Zihao Wei, Dashu Chen, Zhifen Guo, Peiyun Jia, Hongzhu Xing
A series of eosin Y (EY)-embedded zirconium-based metal–organic frameworks (Zr-MOFs) were prepared by utilizing the synthetic encapsulating method. By virtue of effective resonant energy transfer between Zr-MOF and EY, not only does EY@Zr-MOF exhibit dual-emissive characteristics, but also the relative intensity of their double emission is greatly tuned with increasing EY loading quantity. As a consequence, the double emission of EY@Zr-MOF presented large distinctions in location and intensity. By using the relative fluorescence intensity instead of the absolute fluorescence intensity of emission peaks as detection signals, two EY@Zr-MOFs served as built-in self-calibrated fluorescence sensors to detect pesticides, where EY@Zr-MOF realized the selective detection of nitenpyram, a kind of nicotine pesticide. These results indicate that the integration of robust Zr-MOF and fluorescence molecules provides a new research platform for pesticide sensing and recognition.