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Enhancing Vibrational Light–Matter Coupling Strength beyond the Molecular Concentration Limit Using Plasmonic Arrays

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posted on 27.01.2021, 20:05 by Manuel Hertzog, Battulga Munkhbat, Denis Baranov, Timur Shegai, Karl Börjesson
Vibrational strong coupling is emerging as a promising tool to modify molecular properties by making use of hybrid light–matter states known as polaritons. Fabry–Perot cavities filled with organic molecules are typically used, and the molecular concentration limits the maximum reachable coupling strength. Developing methods to increase the coupling strength beyond the molecular concentration limit are highly desirable. In this Letter, we investigate the effect of adding a gold nanorod array into a cavity containing pure organic molecules using FT-IR microscopy and numerical modeling. Incorporation of the plasmonic nanorod array that acts as artificial molecules leads to an order of magnitude increase in the total coupling strength for the cavity with matching resonant frequency filled with organic molecules. Additionally, we observe a significant narrowing of the plasmon line width inside the cavity. We anticipate that these results will be a step forward in exploring vibropolaritonic chemistry and may be used in plasmon based biosensors.