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Enhancing Thermal Stability and Living Fashion in α‑Diimine–Nickel-Catalyzed (Co)polymerization of Ethylene and Polar Monomer by Increasing the Steric Bulk of Ligand Backbone

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posted on 2017-03-24, 15:04 authored by Liu Zhong, Guiliang Li, Guodong Liang, Haiyang Gao, Qing Wu
Development of thermally stable nickel-based catalysts is highly desirable for industrial gas-phase olefin polymerizations. On the basis of the strategy of promoting the thermostability of nickel catalyst by the ligand backbone, we herein reported novel dibenzobarrelene-derived α-diimine nickel precatalysts for ethylene polymerization. Increasing the steric bulk on the ligand backbone was expected to inhibit the N-aryl rotation of the α-diimine ligands by the repulsive interactions, thus enhancing thermal stability (100 °C) and living fashion a temperatures up to 80 °C. Bulk ligand backbone also improved tolerance of nickel catalyst toward polar groups, and the α-diimine nickel catalyst containing a 2,6-tBu-dibenzobarrelene backbone catalyzed living copolymerization of ethylene and methyl 10-undecenoate.