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Enhanced Stability of the Dispersed Phase Stabilized by Polyether-Modified Siloxane in the Double Emulsion System: Storage Stability and Rheological Investigation

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posted on 2020-05-08, 21:29 authored by Dereje Kebebew Debeli, Chao Lin, Liang Gan, Jianjun Deng, Liuyun Hu, Guorong Shan
The dispersed phase of the water-in-oil-in-water emulsion system appears to be useful as a novel drug-delivery system in pharmaceuticals, food, and cosmetics applications. Until recently, achieving the storage stability of double emulsions under extreme conditions was unthinkable. Here, we prepared highly stable dispersion systems from polyether-modified siloxanes (PMS1 and PMS2) in fatty alcohol polyoxyethylene ether that stabilized outer water of double emulsions. The effects of the PMS1/PMS2 stabilizer on the stability and rheological behaviors of double emulsions were investigated. It was found that the used polymer type controlled the final double emulsion properties. Double emulsions obtained from PMS1 dispersion had lower stabilities than PMS2 dispersion that was stable for more than six months and about 20 days under 50–60 °C storage conditions. Interestingly, this double emulsion showed a dominant elastic modulus under the low shear ranges that were absent in the PMS1 double emulsion system.