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Enhanced Quantum Dot Spontaneous Emission with Multilayer Metamaterial Nanostructures

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posted on 2017-03-02, 00:00 authored by Ling Li, Wei Wang, Ting S. Luk, Xiaodong Yang, Jie Gao
The Purcell effect of quantum dot (QD) spontaneous emission with Ag-SiO2 multilayer metamaterial nanostructures has been demonstrated in experiment and simulation. A broadband enhanced spontaneous emission rate of QDs is observed due to large local density of states in the epsilon-near-zero and hyperbolic regions of multilayer structures. Multilayer gratings are utilized to further enhance the QD spontaneous emission as the QDs located inside the grating grooves strongly interact with high-k coupled surface plasmon polariton modes. Photoluminescence decay measurements are in good agreement with both analytical treatment with a nonlocal effect and three-dimensional finite-element simulation. Detailed studies of QD position and polarization effects on emission rate enhancement for multilayer and multilayer grating nanostructures provide important insight for understanding the coupling mechanisms of emitter–multilayer interaction and the engineering of local density of states in metamaterial nanostructures. These results will advance many applications in light-emitting devices, nanoscale lasers, quantum electrodynamics, and quantum information processing.