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Enhanced Nonlinear Optical Response of Rectangular MoS2 and MoS2/TiO2 in Dispersion and Film

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posted on 01.08.2016, 00:00 by Xiaohong Li, Kunhong Hu, Bosai Lyu, Jingdi Zhang, Yingwei Wang, Peng Wang, Si Xiao, Yongli Gao, Jun He
The nonlinear response of the two-dimensional materials could be measured by the spatial self-phase modulation (SSPM) and Z scan. Most of these materials are irregular shapes. In this paper, we studied the nonlinear optical properties of rectangular layered MoS2 and the corresponding MoS2/TiO2 composite in dispersion and the film, respectively. For dispersion measured by SSPM, the nonlinear refraction index of rectangular layered MoS2 dispersion is larger than that of the MoS2/TiO2 composite dispersion. For film measured by Z scan, the nonlinear refractive index of the MoS2/TiO2 composite thin film is larger than that of the rectangular layered MoS2 thin film. This research confirms the possibility of the nonlocal electron coherence established among the alignment in SSPM and provides two different paths for the enhancement of the nonlinear optical properties of MoS2.