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Enhanced Immunoassay Using a Rotating Paper Platform for Quantitative Determination of Low Abundance Protein Biomarkers

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posted on 27.03.2019, 00:00 by Abootaleb Sedighi, Ulrich. J. Krull
The changing concentrations of circulating protein biomarkers have been correlated with a variety of diseases. Quantitative bioassays capable of sensitive and specific determination of protein biomarkers at low levels can be essential for therapeutic treatments that can improve outcomes for patients. Herein, we describe the investigation of a rotating paper device (RPD) for quantitative determination of targeted proteins at the fM concentration level. The RPD consists of two circular papers each separately supported with a plastic disc. Protein detection is conducted via enhanced immunoassay using amplification in a sequential workflow, which includes a sandwich immunoassay in the upper paper and a signal amplification reaction in the lower paper. The sandwich immunoassay is conducted using biobarcode nanoparticles (BNPs) and results in the release of reporter oligonucleotides from BNPs. These oligonucleotides are transferred to the bottom paper, where they engage in a target recycling methodology that leads to the production of a colorimetric signal. The assay was evaluated for quantitation of interleukin-6 (IL-6), a cytokine biomarker in serum. A limit of detection of 63 fM and a dynamic range of 200 fM–8 pM was observed for the assay. The specificity of the assay was successfully verified against several common protein biomarkers.