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Enhanced Electrical Conductivity of Highly Crystalline Polythiophene/Insulating-Polymer Composite

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posted on 2007-09-04, 00:00 authored by Guanghao Lu, Haowei Tang, Yunpeng Qu, Ligui Li, Xiaoniu Yang
Poly(3-butylthiophene) (P3BT)/insulating-polymer composites with high electrical conductivity have been prepared directly from the solution. These composites exhibit much higher conductivity compared to pure P3BT with the same preparation method provided that P3BT content is higher than 10 wt %. Morphological studies on both the pure P3BT and the composites with insulating polymer show that P3BT highly crystallizes and develops into whisker-like crystals. These nanowires are homogeneously distributed within the insulating polymer matrix and form conductive networks, which provide both extremely large interface area between conjugated polymer and insulating polymer matrix and highly efficient conductive channels through out the whole composite. In contrast, the conductivity enhancement of P3HT/PS composite is not so obvious and drops down immediately with increased PS content due mainly to the absence of highly crystalline whisker-like crystals and much larger scale phase separation between the components. The results presented here could further illuminate the origin of conductivity formation in organic semiconducting composites and promote applications of these polymer semiconductor/insulator composites in the fields of organic (opto-)electronics, electromagnetic shielding, and antistatic materials.