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Enhanced Conductivity of Anion-Exchange Membrane by Incorporation of Quaternized Cellulose Nanocrystal

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posted on 25.06.2018, 00:00 by Xia Cheng, Jianchuan Wang, Yunchuan Liao, Cunpu Li, Zidong Wei
High ion conductivity of anion-exchange membrane is essential for the operation of alkaline anion-exchange membrane fuel cell. In this work, we demonstrated an effective strategy to enhance the conductivity of anion-exchange membrane (AEM), by incorporation of quaternized cellulose nanocrystal (QCNC) for the first time. Morphology observation demonstrated a uniform distribution of QCNC within QPPO matrix, as well as a clear QCNC network, which led to significant enhancement in hydroxide conductivities of composite membranes, for example, 2 wt % QCNC/QPPO membrane possessed a conductivity of 160% (60 mS cm–1, @80 °C) of that of QPPO. Furthermore, H2/O2 cell performance of membrane electrode assembly based on 2 wt % QCNC/QPPO AEM showed an excellent peak power density of 392 mV cm–2 at 60 °C without back pressure, whereas that of neat QPPO AEM was only 270 mV cm–2.