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Engineering a Biodegradable Multifunctional Antibacterial Bioactive Nanosystem for Enhancing Tumor Photothermo-Chemotherapy and Bone Regeneration

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posted on 24.12.2019, 13:38 by Yumeng Xue, Wen Niu, Min Wang, Mi Chen, Yi Guo, Bo Lei
The simultaneous therapy of tumors and bone defects resulting from tumor surgery is still a challenge in clinical orthopedics. Few nanomaterial systems simultaneously possess multifunctional capacities, including biodegradability, tumor treatment, and enhanced bone regeneration. Herein, we designed a biodegradable monodispersed bioactive glass nanoparticle (BGN) platform with multifunctional properties for enhanced colon cancer photothermo-chemotherapy and bone repair. The mussel-inspired surface assembly with BGN was established as a stable NIR-excited photothermal nanoplatform (BGN@PDA) for ablating tumors. BGN@PDA shows an ultrahigh anticancer drug (DOX) loading with on-demand (pH/NIR-responsive) drug release behavior and antibacterial activity for enhanced tumor chemotherapy (BGN@PDA-DOX). The growth of colon cancer cells (Hct116 cells) and cervical cancer cells (HeLa cells) was significantly inhibited in vitro, and superior local anticancer efficacy could be achieved by synergic chemo-photothermal therapy in vivo. BGN@PDA underwent a gradual degradation in vivo during 60 days and showed negligible toxic side effects. Meanwhile, BGN@PDA could positively induce the osteogenesis of osteoblasts in vitro and possess excellent in vivo bone repair ability in rat cranial defects. This work presents a distinctive strategy to design a bioactive multifunctional nanoplatform for treating tumor disease-resulted bone tissue regeneration.