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Engineering Magnetic Guanidyl-Functionalized Supramolecular Organic Framework for Efficient Enrichment of Global Phosphopeptides

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posted on 2020-12-09, 17:03 authored by Haijiao Zheng, Jingchun Zhang, Jiutong Ma, Qiong Jia
Comprehensive mass spectrometry-based proteomics analysis is currently available but remains challenging, especially for post-translational modifications of phosphorylated proteins. Herein, multifunctional magnetic pillar[5]­arene supramolecular organic frameworks were fabricated and immobilized with arginine (mP5SOF-Arg) for highly effective enrichment of global phosphopeptides. The specific phosphate-P5/phosphate-guanidine affinities and large surface area with regular porosity contribute to the high enrichment capacity. By coupling with mass spectrometry, high detection sensitivity (0.1 fmol), excellent selectivity (1:5000 molar ratios of β-casein/cytochrome c), and high recyclability (seven cycles) were achieved for phosphopeptide analysis. mP5SOF-Arg can efficiently enrich phosphopeptides from practical samples, including defatted milk, egg yolk, and human saliva. Notably, a total of 450 phosphopeptides were explored for highly selective identification from A594 cells and 1445 phosphopeptides were identified from mouse liver tissue samples. mP5SOF-Arg exhibited great potential to serve as the basis for peptidomic research to identify phosphopeptides and provided insight for biomarker discovery.