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Energy Harvesting in Microscale with Cavitating Flows

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posted on 2017-10-18, 12:50 authored by Morteza Ghorbani, Ali Mohammadi, Ahmad Reza Motezakker, Luis Guillermo Villanueva, Yusuf Leblebici, Ali Koşar
Energy harvesting from thermal energy has been widely exploited to achieve energy savings and clean technologies. In this research, a new cost-effective and environment-friendly solution is proposed for the growing individual energy needs thanks to the energy application of cavitating flows. With the aid of cavitating jet flows from microchannel configurations of different sizes, it is shown that significant temperature rise (as high as 5.7 °C) can be obtained on the surface of the thin plate. The obtained heat energy could be integrated to a thermoelectric power generator, which can be used as a power resource for consumer devices, such as cell phones and laptops. To explore the difference in the temperature rise with different microtube diameters, namely, 152, 256, 504, and 762 μm, and also with different upstream pressures of 10, 20, 40, and 60 bar, the cavitation flow patterns are captured and analyzed using an advanced high-speed visualization system. The analysis of the captured data showed that different flow patterns exist for different diameters of the microtubes, including a pattern shift from micro- to macroscale, which accompanied the pattern of temporal results very well.