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Endoplasmic Reticulum-Targeted Ratiometric N‑Heterocyclic Carbene Borane Probe for Two-Photon Microscopic Imaging of Hypochlorous Acid

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posted on 10.10.2018, 00:00 by Yen Leng Pak, Sang Jun Park, Gyeongok Song, Yubin Yim, Hyuk Kang, Hwan Myung Kim, Jean Bouffard, Juyoung Yoon
The naphthoimidazolium borane 4 is shown to be a selective probe for HOCl over other reactive oxygen species. Unlike other boronate–reactive oxygen species (ROS) fluorogenic probes that are oxidized by HOCl through a nucleophilic borono-Dakin oxidation mechanism, probe 4 is distinguished by its electrophilic oxidation mechanism involving B–H bond cleavage. Two-photon microscopy experiments in living cells and tissues with the probe 4 demonstrate the monitoring of endogenous HOCl generation and changes in HOCl concentrations generated in the endoplasmic reticulum during oxidative stress situations.